Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pirate Booty from the Seattle Aquarium

Lots of the usual gift shop fare at the Seattle Aquarium, with the exception of these two fine pieces of pirate treasure. Who can resist a mini sub? And this book had endless aquatic puns with fun illustrations, similar to the prehistoric fish alphabet book that we got last year at the University of Florida Museum of Natural History. Cool finds in a sea of mediocrity!

Mark White Textured Belly Trolling Lures

Posting just because ;)

Nasty Tradition

The city just cleaned this wall... probably why there are more people that usual trying to get it back to it's normal state (the gum wall at Pike's Place Market).

Wharf Rats

Post Aquarium tourist activity. Nota bene - early afternoon squid fishing at the pier - oh man did I want to get some of that action ;)

Seattle Aquarium - for the Third Time

Picture heavy -

Ramen and More

Late post - seems as if the ramen shop in the Mall area outside of SEATAC has become our default place to eat when flying in or out of the area. Here are some pictures from the Nov 20 ramen run.