Monday, November 2, 2015

New Commuter at the End of the Road

Our new house is 22.7 miles doorstep to parking garage from work. And it is through some of the most congested traffic known to mankind. I talked it over with La and to get through the commute, I got a new bike. I picked it up on Saturday afternoon and took it for a long ride to get the feel for it. This is the end of the paved road below Kaena Point. There is an unpaved road that keeps going and even at the start it is muddy and full of ruts. I figured I should at least break in the bike properly before hitting a road like this ;) What a wonderful bike!!! With the speed limit on island being no more than 55mph, you really don't need more bike than this. The seat is a little stiff, but that should change after some break in. I know this isn't amphibious, but there is a beach in the first picture. I made the commute in to work on the bike this morning and it is way nicer riding in the HOV zipper lane than fighting traffic in the main lanes. I'll be varying the times I come in this week to see what works best. I left at 5 am this morning because I had some work that needed to get done and the surface roads feeding into the freeway were jammed. It'll be fun figuring out the commute patterns - especially on an upright, standard bike.

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