Monday, December 7, 2015

Sunday Dawn Patrol

The surf was smaller than Saturday - I thought with the big NW swell filling in that there would have been a bigger wrap. But the wind was down and that made for really mellow conditions. I finally brought the GoPro out - but without a longer extension away from me, the pictures didn't come out so cool. Here are few anyways. Also - the Bisgards came out to surf. Both Charlie and Amy took turns (you guys need to pull your kids out so you can all surf at the same time). I started longboard surfing this spot over 20 years ago. It definitely seemed more "effortless" back then. Maybe its the additional 30 pounds I'm carrying around, or the less frequent outings. Getting out more will help get me back to my fighting weight, but the difference between the effort exerted in SUP Surfing and Prone Surfing is profound.

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