Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Birthday Lunch at Gyotaku

Another request for Marlon's Birthday - his favorite food - Sushi! We hit a restaurant that has intrigued us - Gyotaku. This is the second place we've been to that has used fried wontons as a nacho chip. And I finally got to eat natto (not bad, but I'd have to stretch pretty far to figure out a use...). The sushi was ok - funny thing is we're having a hard time finding a great sushi restaurant (that won't break our wallet). I think the Japanese bentos and other dishes would be a better bet (as those dominated the menu - but we can also make those dishes, so why go out to eat those). Naoki gyotaku on the walls (but only three of them??? I thought the whole place would have been covered). Still good and Marlon found another place to offer a Godzilla roll.

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