Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rocker Comparisons

With the TJ Everyday, we have three longboards. Having waxed La's board (Patagonia Noseglider) and the new TJ, I had an opportunity to compare the boards side by side, along with the TJ Pro. When I lived here in the late nineties, I weighed 157#. I could surf anything from sub 6' potato chips all the way up to a friends 10' longboard. These days I have to watch what I eat, but I am working on getting back down to my fighting weight. All that said, when I originally sold some shortboards to buy the TJ Pro, I was working with the mentality that a 9'0" board would work for me the same way they did back in the day. That board is a great board, but it really needs juicier waves with more energy to work well. This TJ Everyday is the opposite - it'll pick up almost any wave without having to expend a ton of energy paddling. Perfect for White Plains and other longboard spots. The Everyday definitely has a longer flat section in the middle of the board - that added with the extra volume makes for easier paddling than the Pro model. The other reason I couldn't take my eyes off this board is the sidebiter Futures boxes - I had looked at this board before, but they were single fins (they can be ordered with different tails and fin configurations, but one had the right stuff in the back ;) I'll still take out the Pro to places like Cliffs and Daystar on a good day, but for the jogs to White Plains, the Everyday will be the ticket!

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