Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Second Patagonia Board Swap

We checked out the board swap meet that Patagonia Honolulu was holding. There weren't as many boards or folks selling as there were last time... the shop folks said they thought the big swell up North made people not show up. But some other folks showed up (Mark C.) And they had some cool boards - I liked this Swizzle Stick (and I'm glad it was sold before I got there, otherwise I would have gone into instinct mode and started spouting sayings to La like "Oh, this'll be the last board I ever buy", "I've been looking for one of these since forever and I need to jump on this now", or this one that makes her laugh hysterically - "I need to get this board or I'm going to cry". Realistically, I need another board like I need a chia pet. I'm glad I wasn't tested ;)

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