Monday, February 29, 2016

Finishing Teak on the Leap Day

Noe likes helping me refinish our teak lanai furniture. Yesterday we cleaned the chairs and the little table. Lots of scrubbing and more scrubbing. This afternoon we finished the long laborious project by applying the teak oil!!! Slowly but surely I'm knocking off items from the 'to-do' list. This poor set of furniture has seen abuse all the way from when we lived in Japan - especially the crappy 'all-in'one' foaming teak finish I used in Oxnard (I was still scraping that stuff off yesterday...). It really feels good getting these chairs finally finished correctly. They might need one more coat of oil tomorrow (they were thirsty). Why is this amphibious you ask??? The teak oil and teak cleaner are from West Marine. West Marine has that stuff because boats have teak. By the commutative property, these chairs are boats.

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Lala said...

LOL...yes, you do try to stretch it much...let's just sell it all and buy a boat already ;)