Sunday, February 21, 2016

General Cleanup and the Cap Sheet

After surfing, we did minimal errands and headed back home so we could get some stuff done. La has been working on home school preps and I turned to finishing the epoxy work on the Hooked SUP. I ground the edges and high spots down from yesterday's box setting. I also decided to maintain as much of the track box as possible and just feather in the foam-to-board transition. These pictures are the finished product prior to me placing the cap sheet of fiberglass. I ended up using a single layer of 6 oz cloth instead of two 4 oz layers. I don't intend on sailing this board in high winds and the force will never be lifting "straight up", so I took the lazy route. Hopefully my hunch is correct and this mod will be sufficiently strong for what I'm looking to do. The bottom of the box is way stronger - 3 overlapped layers of 4 oz cloth - this and the sides are where the forces will be directed, so I feel better about this overall distribution of fiberglass and epoxy. As I pick up some spare time during this upcoming week, I'll feather in the cap sheet, start re-applying the deck pads, add touch up paint to some previous scuffs, and replace all the hardware (bungees and Scotty mounts). I'm looking forward to getting this board back in the water (and using it to track down, sneak up on and land some big fish!!!)

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