Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pattie's on Taco Tuesday

We went to the Patagonia shop up in Haleiwa tonight to check out a book tour stop Dylan Tomine was making. His book is a series of stories over the course of a year in his family's lives - with a focus on how he brings his kids outdoors and gets them excited about finding their own sources of food. I actually thought it was a fly fishing movie premiere - but a book reading is cool too. Grab a copy and enjoy the stories (fishing!!!) Anyways - I got to take a closer look at the store decorations and came to the realization that we actually have stuff that is cooler than the stuff at the shop... with the exception of this really cool old map: It has the commonly found reef fishes on the bottom and their names in Hawaiian. Oh - I forgot to mention that since we were in area, we decided to just have pupus at Cholos for dinner. I used to eat breakfast post North Shore dawn patrol all the time, but I hadn't been back in years. I used to love this place - primarily because the island was a little skinny on mexican restaurants - but several wonderful burrito shops have opened up since those old days... Since moving back here and bringing the family out, it has been really fun taking La and the kids to the places I used to hang out at. It is the coolest surfing with them all though - time has flown but I'm hoping these fun times in the water and enjoying life on an island are the things they remember.

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