Sunday, March 6, 2016

Celebratory Surf Session

Marlon did awesome at the Hawaii State Science Olympiad on Saturday, so what better excuse to go for a family surf session!!! I brought the Starboard Element out because La said she wanted to SUP surf. I paddled out for a quick few waves before turning the board over to La. On the paddle out, with the tide out and the water really clear, I was able to spot a large bonefish cruising along - makes me want to go tie a few flies and start swinging the long rod again... It's been a few years since I've surfed this board continuously. That may change because La has taken a liking to it (which means I should like it too so I don't have to take multiple boards to the beach ;) Here she is killing it!!! I went back in to let Charlie Bisgard get some waves. From that point on, La said she had a hard time surfing. She kept getting clobbered by the sets - then said something about ME being her lucky charm... ;) Moving on, Marlon had an awesome time relieving the stress from yesterday - had some good drops and bottom turns going! Best part was I knew I had a smoked pork butt waiting for me in the smoker when I got home! Wonderful day!!! - On one wave I had been able to surf all the way in. While I was in the shallows getting situated, I noticed everyone on the beach was staring behind me... no one was panicking so I figured it wasn't a shark. I turned around and saw a large Monk Seal cruising past - probably the same one that basks in the sun in this area. I kinda stepped back and took it all in - and I've come to the realization that this is a pretty good life ;)

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