Sunday, April 3, 2016

Checking Out UH Manoa

I know these past several posts have diverged somewhat from the 'amphibious' nature of this blog - but with all our focus on plants and plantings, that's what we've been doing. On that note, here's another. UH Manoa was having a open house yesterday and La and I wanted to bring Marlon and Noe to checkout the programs, the campus and life for college students. Lots of booths with students and instructors super willing to discuss their programs. And the best part of the open house (according to the kids) was the Biology Department - because they had chameleons. And lots of cool plants and trees (UH Manoa has always had cool trees)! Cannonball Tree And I enjoyed more what this University does best - Hawaiian cultural endeavors. Makes me want to make some hand tools.

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