Friday, May 6, 2016

I feel some fly tying coming on...

It's been awhile since I've been fly fishing, but I haven't stopped looking at all the different flies out there. In fact, a lot of shoreline fishermen out here on Oahu actually use flies on whipping rigs and try to catch the same quarry a fly fisherman would target - just using spinning gear. I recently bought some weighted and unweighted heads to tie some papio flies, but I keep getting drawn back to the Orvis Website because of the names people assign to the flies they tie (and Orvis picks up as a distributor; I say Orvis Website because they are really good at marketing, but others do it as well). So besides the papio flies, these are some that I'll be trying to replicate in the near future - I'm thinking bonefish enticers instead of carp or big trout as these were originally conceived to catch. These are Martinez's Frankenstein Sculpin in tan and green This is a Mini Frankenstein Sculpin And my favorite name - the "Southern Culture on the Fly - Sick Little Monkey" I've come up with some cool names for flies I tie (if I may say so myself - just do a search on older posts on this blog that have to do with fly tying), but Sick Little Monkey has got to be one of my favorites. And I am a sucker for all things Southern (seeing as I grew up in Northern Florida and I speak fluent Redneck).

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