Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oooops - Been Busy

I almost forgot about this blog... been busy at work and with other things lately. I've been surfing a few times since the last post, but I haven't bothered to bring out the GoPro. I've also tied a few flies, cooked a bunch of food - but because we've been doing other things (Marlon's Music Camp, Noe's Flute Ensemble, Marlon's Marine Fisheries Camp, work, and other things), I haven't had the time or done any amphibious stuff as of late. We did get to check out a few shops up in the Waialae Ave area - Nervous Waters Fly Shop moved locations. They've got AC now so people hang out and talk story now. We also checked out a vintage art shop - they had a bunch of cool things especially these hula girls (but these were tekai - expensive). According to the guys on the Big Bang Theory, "Aquaman Sucks" I'll try to be better at keeping up with posts - hopefully our schedule gets a little less crazy now that the camps are pau.

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