Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Posting Late - July 4th Weekend Pictures - Friday First

Boy that weekend went by fast... We did a bunch of stuff, but mostly on the land side of amphibious. I did go fly fishing on Friday - in fact it was with the Trout Unlimited group out here in Hawaii and we had a bunch of military guys in some form of rehab program (not Wounded Warriors or Project Healing Waters), but I didn't take any pictures. I did catch another small kaku that was hanging out in the super shallows (and lost a second), and I saw several lone oio. I took shots at the oio, but I didn't have a crabby fly on (I was fishing for kaku remember?). And I decided to try my hand at smoking some salmon. I followed a rub recipe from the "Let's Go Fishing Hawaii" cookbook and the fish came out great!!! I think we just finished off the last of this batch. YUMMY!!!

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