Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Skunked On Saturday

I took the kids fishing on Saturday. The solunar table showed there was supposed to be high activity levels. Well, we did see several fish, but none of them wanted to play tug. Noe and Marlon were using spinning gear - but the tide was coming up and it was a bit too deep to wade out to the edge of the shelf. Oh well - there is always next time.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hafa Adai Academy Marine Field trip

La and the kids took a field trip out to the Sandy Beach Tide Pools with other homeschooled students to study the limu species there.

Dawn Patrol 8-21-2016

Marlon and I hit the dawn patrol on Sunday morning. He went further west than I did so I wasn't able to take any pictures of him. And honestly my belly hanging out in most of the pictures rendered them useless (the pictures, not my belly - which I use to keep me warm on those frigid winter nights). Here are a few regardless: Marlon did say his knee-paddling inspired all those around him to give it a try (little did they know Marlon's thrust to weight ratio is pretty high and that board of his has a ton of float). Fun day on the water - I really need to do this more!

The Kiddoroosters and I Went Fishing

I'll say this up front - it is getting harder to consistently blog. The commute back and forth from work during the week is sucking the life out of me, and keeping up with chores and errands comes first. I'll strive to do better, but for now forgive the late posting. I took the kids fishing on the flats this past Saturday while La was at a quilting class. We saw some cool fish I hadn't seen out there before like pipefish and some baby coronetfish - good eye Marlon! I also hooked up to a kaku on the first cast (my Kaku Candy flies need to be renamed to Kaku Crack). And we tried to catch some oama - but the rods we brought were rather short (as we came to learn). The oama holes I had found last year were not holding this time around, but the kids had fun anyways. We'll try again next weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Noe Sailing

La has the kids in sailing lessons, but they have classes on different days. I got a chance to see both of them this week. This was Noe on Monday. I'll post some of Marlon when I can get to the pictures on La's phone... didn't I just say that.... Update - Here are some more pictures of Noe sailing from La's phone.

More Pictures from Sunday's Beach Trip

La and the kids had a shift to pull on Sunday morning for their community service activity. I am not trained, so I couldn't help directly. So I grabbed a rod and went fishing. I saw a few omilu making runs at schooling oama, and a couple of kaku - but I couldn't get them interested. But with scenery like this, not catching is just fine. There was even a little surf (next time I'll bring a SUP). La in action (look for the umbrella). If you're a tourist, the laws and regulations apply to you also (especially dudes with bleached hair and red speedos - @ssh0le). I'll update this post when I get some pictures off La's phone (some good ones)! Update - and here they are: