Monday, September 26, 2016

Smoked Salmon for Dinner

This batch came out superb! Here they are with the brine washed off. There they are staged on the smoker (indirect heat, 230 degrees F). And here they are about to get demolished - so ono! I love our Big Green Egg!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rolling Food Truck

Only in Hawaii!

Maui County

You can see the three of the bigger islands that comprise Maui County. This was a couple of weekends ago - super clear day!!!

Thursday Racing

Marlon got second. Noe got fourth. My kids rock!!!

Cool Art at the Art Supply Shop

Noe and I were at the Hickam Arts and Crafts Shop (while I was waiting for some pottery glaze to dry) and she noticed this really cool painting from "The Lost Ocean". Nice!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Southern Filipino

If you need proof that I'm Filipino and from the South (Southern United States), here's some lumpia I made with smoked pulled pork. I eat these with Jack Daniel's Original BBQ Sauce!!! And they are loaded with umami (look this word up - a newly defined 5th taste sense that describes how 'rich' and 'savory' a food is)! SO ONO (yeah that's not southern talk, but by the 'years lived in a place' count, Hawaii is quickly becoming my Home State)


After the race, Marlon and I went to checkout the Hawaiian Watersports Shop in Kailua. They've moved into the old Outrigger Connection shop right next to the Kailua General Store. They always have nice boards in the shop, but add to that these Slingshot Foils. With all the buzz on the internet from Kai Lenny downwind SUPing and shortboarding on boards with foils, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested. But the cost is pretty steep - cue the light bulb going off on top of my head - balsa core, carbon wrapped made at home by hand foil!!! Now I'm looking at how I'd have to adjust a finbox or add a secondary box to a board in order to use the foil. I've got all the material in the garage - but none of the time just yet. May have to wait a bit...

The Farrier and the Posh YC

The Kaneohe Yacht Club has nice facilities, What appears to be a gem of a snack bar - And this sitting in dry storage (a rather large Farrier Trimaran, a boat I just happen to take a liking to)

Marlon's First Official Regatta

Marlon really enjoys racing sailboats. So much so that La and Marlon joined the Pearl Harbor Yacht Club (pretty inexpensive as they have minimal facilities - polar opposite to the others in the area) and Marlon had his first race this past weekend. Unfortunately he had to use a trainer sail on the El Toro and because of the lighter winds he could not take advantage of his lighter weight. That didn't crush his spirits though (he told me he could have destroyed the competition if he had more power). Great job Marlon!!!! You'll crush them next time!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

More Aquatic Art

These were on display in the building where my office is located. Some fun art!!!

Aquatic Chandeliers

Really cool (but REALLY EXPENSIVE) chandeliers we saw at a furniture design center we like to drool at.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Little Afternoon Surfing

Noe and I had worked all morning on Saturday to glaze up over 35 pots. Hopefully those turn out well, but that's for another post on another blog (checkout The Succulent and Pottery Compulsion). We got back and I took Marlon surfing. Noe wanted to come also (because I told her if she earned 10 surfing points, she could get $5 added to her allowance - I have to bribe this one to go surfing, but it is working). Noe is fearless when she is with Marlon - We got there and the tide was swollen and the waves were muted out because of that. But we still had fun. Or maybe I still had fun - Marlon wanted to try out the shortboard we got him last Christmas - but the waves weren't cooperating and I could tell he was a bit frustrated. I had the aircraft carrier out so I was able to catch a couple of waves. Here's a shaka for you - It would have been better if there were more sizable waves, but the time spent together in the water was all I could ask for!