Monday, November 14, 2016

UH Manoa's ORE Program 50th Anniversary

This past Saturday evening, the Ocean and resources Engineering Program at UH Manoa celebrated it's 50th Anniversary at the Waikiki Aquarium. Of course I walked through the exhibits - not much has changed but the Hawaiian Fish Pond and the Opae Ula exhibits were not in the interior spaces (I didn't get to look on the outside - it got dark while I was looking around in the inside). The Giant Clam was still there nice and happy. The Hunters on the Reef exhibit was still there (and now I look at the Uluas with a whole different perspective) - these shark jaw pictures are for my future reference for id purposes. The ubiquitous jellyfish A pair of healthy Harlequin Shrimp A Scorpionfish Another Scorpionfish that mimics debris An "Asian" Arrowana The Tako Tank - I couldn't see if the Triton's Trumpet next to it was alive or not. An Urchin A Boxer Shrimp An Urchin with the Boxer Shrimp trying to box the spines. Must get rough living in confined quarters. And a picture of one of my Professors. It was a really good time reflecting on the past, checking out some cool exhibits, eating some food and looking to the future.

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