Sunday, December 11, 2016

Finally the Curse has been Lifted!!!!!!

I took Marlon fishing at Hickam Flats this morning. The weather conditions were average low tide and just a slight breeze. The sun was mostly out, but every now and then a cloud would roll in. We waded out to the edge of the flat and started casting. After a few casts, this papio hit and the curse that has been around my neck for the past several months has finally been broken!!!! Marlon followed this up with bringing in a roi. He got a big strike on the line - a good sized papio, but he had asked me to crimp the barb on his hook and the fish managed to get off just as Marlon got it to his feet. And then he landed a hinalea. I picked up this kona moano pretty close to where I was standing - I drug my line three times through the spot and each time I saw a different fish go for the ika on the hook - a big humu was first, followed by a papio - then this guy was the unlucky one. And then the fish that really made the statement my curse was gone and replaced with lots of fishing mojo - this guy was pulling against the drag for quite awhile and gave a great fight!!! So much fun today and so glad to have the curse lifted!!!! All fish were released (we were going to eat the roi and the big papio, but the make shift stringer I made broke - better for all I guess).

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