Sunday, January 8, 2017

Marlon's First North Shore Waves and Surfing with the Bizy's

I've been on a streak the last several days. I've been waking up early to get a dawn patrol in at White Plains (part of my resolution to lose a bunch of belly fat, and to get out and enjoy what is immediately around us more) - but the small swell that was pushing through has dissipated. So along comes Saturday and our friends the Bisgard's call and want to go surfing (Charlie is back on vacation from an overseas tour). No swell down here, too big and unruly on their side of the island... time to checkout Puena Point. That was a good call and a great first session for Marlon to see the difference in the way the waves break up North (without having to get pounded or drug over reef shelves). Here is his first wave!!! Another wave with me behind (must be convenient to have a person with a GoPro constantly following you around everywhere). I caught a bunch - but they were mostly waist to shoulder high. Amy paddled out and here's Charlie up and riding. Fun, mellow surf day!!!

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