Sunday, January 15, 2017

Solo Sunset SUP Session on Sunday

Long day today - took La and the kids to the sailing clinic, grabbed groceries and a haircut, came home and wash and waxed the 4Runner, edged and mowed the lawn, then went back to pick up the family, tow the boats back to the sail loft and finally ended the errands. There was a little light left so I hustled to the beach to catch a few waves. Marlon was pooped out from sailing the whole day so I ended up going solo. Oh - it was 78 degrees F when I hit the water... not trying to rub it in, just stating a fact. Nice relaxed swell, super low winds, awesome sunset - I've seen the sun go down over this same horizon hundreds of times and it never gets old! Sometimes the pictures from the GoPro are unexplainable - like this one. Such a mellow way to end the day!

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