Thursday, March 30, 2017

Midweek Ding Repair

Charlie B gave Marlon a 6'6" funboard a while back. Marlon has been hesitant on dropping down to something shorter based on his previous experience with a 5'0" that we have, but he's over that now. But the funboard had a few cracks near the tail. Well - he wanted to take the board out today (Thursday), so I had to find the time to get those dings water tight. All pau already - time for surf!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fly Fishing Skunk

Yup. Got skunked again. But not really. I brought out the Seele Salz and fished the drop off and the flats. On the drop, I did manage to get a strike using a small green crab. It hit and splashed on the surface, then immediately drug the fly into the rocks, where it stayed for a few minutes. Until the fish spit the hook. Most likely a Stocky Hawkfish or a Triggerfish - but didn't make it to hand so not a catch. Then while fishing the flats, I did see one blacktip, one huge ulua, a school of surgeonfish and several bonefish. I got four to at least notice my fly (without getting spooked), but I was not able to connect. And thus the skunking. The 8'0" length and the softer action on the Seele were not assets today. There was a good breeze and the fish were hanging out around the 50' mark. I was contemplating bringing the old Helios, but I wanted to give this rod a good shake down to get to know it better. Definitely a SUP fly fishing rod, or one to bring out on the calm days. And lastly - I didn't take any pictures, but I did go flyfishing last weekend - used the Epic 888 with a full sink line. I was at the Kaneohe Fishing Pier (while the kids were at the regatta), and I had a bunch of follows from papio and some needlefish - but not connections. Skunks suck!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sailing Regatta Winners!!!

Marlon and Noe sailed in the HYSA's second regatta of the year. Marlon placed second in his division and Noe placed first in hers!!! La's really excited now and she's planning on sewing up some sails for the kids (class legal of course), and I've been researching the possibility of building an El Toro hull. I guess we're not soccer parents but PIRATES!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 11, 2017 Holoholo

I took the kids fishing at the Heeia Fishpond this past Saturday. I really like the presentation the staff members give - history of the fishpond, how the ancient practices have transformed into modern operations, and more on what we can learn from this unique structure that used to feed tens of thousands of Hawaiians. We all caught fish - snapper, flagtail, a puffer and my lizardfish-mangrove seed combo! There were a few papio caught, but I didn't see any kaku. And with the wall repaired, the crowd was able to spread out along the entire length - and made for easier fishing. We'll be back!!! I'll make a separate post with pictures from La's camera shortly.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thank You Dependable Tabis

I've had these for nearly two years now and they've protected my feet admirably. One last set of pictures before they start their journey towards becoming energy (Oahu incinerates a large portion of the trash to generate power - at least these won't just sit around in a landfill for eternity...) Mahalo!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Prospective Fly Fishing Spot

We took Marlon to the Hawaii Youth Symphony Orchestra (HYSO, not HYSA) on Sunday, and because we had too much other stuff in the back of the van, I decided against getting dropped off to walk the flats. But I did stop off at Pu'u ikena Beach Park to check out the potential. I see fly fishermen walking this place every time to drive by. And upon further inspection - there were a couple of guys flyfishing. There was also a guy who had been spearfishing... I think he was after tako - but that's all good to see.

Hobie Tandem Adventure Island Sailing Around

While I was watching Noe race, I noticed there was a Hobie sailing around dragging a line. These are some awesome platforms to move around and try and pick up some fish. I can't wait to get one of these (after I pay off the solar panels, and the motorcycle, and the 4Runner, and the .....) - still it's important to dream!

Pacific Yacht Club

As little as I knew about Pearl Harbor Yacht Club, I knew even less about the Pacific Yacht Club. They being the sponsors of the first HYSA 2017 race, I got to walk around their spaces. They had a bunch of cool stuff hanging on their walls. Places with cool stuff on the walls typically means they have cool people hanging around on the inside.

Noe Racing in the HYSA #1

This past weekend was pretty busy for us. The first Hawaii Youth Sailing Association race for the El Toros and the Lasers was happening on Saturday. This was killing Marlon as he had a schedule conflict with the middle school Science Olympiad States competition (where his team won third place overall), but he knows he can make up for it later. Noe on the other hand was available and I took her to the regatta. The winds were from the SW and it gave more of a chop to the water than what she prefers. She sailed like a champ and ended up taking 4th place in her division (C4). It was some great experience for her - she knew exactly where she could have done better (she said her starts were not that good) and that makes her a better sailor - especially since Marlon was not there (she totally loves riding his coat tails and she has always learned quickly just by watching him).

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New (to me) Flyrod!!!

I recently traded a C Barclay 7105 (3 piece fiberglass 5 weight fly rod) to Chris Barclay for a Seele 8wt Salz (2 piece fiberglass fly rod) and the USPS delivered it today. I lined it up with a Scientific Anglers 8 wt line and gave it a whirl. It was pretty wet outside and another band of clouds was moving in, so I didn't get to break out the other rods I normally use for comparison - but from what I can recall, this rod seems to have just a hair less backbone than the Epic 888, but it may be just a little "crisper" than the Epic. I really did like the Barclay 7105, but living on Oahu has ruined my mid-weight fly game (and I don't use my ultralight stuff either - but I'll never let go of my ultralight rods - just way too much fun), so better to let the rod get sold to someone who'll use it and get me another tool for the salt. Thanks for the trade Chris!!!