Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fly Fishing Skunk

Yup. Got skunked again. But not really. I brought out the Seele Salz and fished the drop off and the flats. On the drop, I did manage to get a strike using a small green crab. It hit and splashed on the surface, then immediately drug the fly into the rocks, where it stayed for a few minutes. Until the fish spit the hook. Most likely a Stocky Hawkfish or a Triggerfish - but didn't make it to hand so not a catch. Then while fishing the flats, I did see one blacktip, one huge ulua, a school of surgeonfish and several bonefish. I got four to at least notice my fly (without getting spooked), but I was not able to connect. And thus the skunking. The 8'0" length and the softer action on the Seele were not assets today. There was a good breeze and the fish were hanging out around the 50' mark. I was contemplating bringing the old Helios, but I wanted to give this rod a good shake down to get to know it better. Definitely a SUP fly fishing rod, or one to bring out on the calm days. And lastly - I didn't take any pictures, but I did go flyfishing last weekend - used the Epic 888 with a full sink line. I was at the Kaneohe Fishing Pier (while the kids were at the regatta), and I had a bunch of follows from papio and some needlefish - but not connections. Skunks suck!!!

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