Sunday, May 14, 2017

Marlon Caught Two - I Caught a Skunk

Marlon and I went fishing at the flats - I brought a spectrum of implements to try out - start with bait to get rid of the skunk, then try some flies and grubs and some small lures. I didn't get past the bait phase... Marlon's first fish was the hawkfish (which got itself wrapped around the rocks -twice; and I had to do the unwrapping so in reality I believe I can take half credit for this catch). After a while Marlon got this goatfish I did have a follow from a small omilu, but no wrestling match. I gave up on the outside and decided to see if the bonefish and kaku would play in the shallows. even broke out the new cupfaced kaku fly - it works well to push water, but no joy. I did see a barracuda and cast a few times to it - I didn't even get a head turn. So in the end, Marlon went catching and I went fishing.

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