Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Surf Rod Setup Testing

I tested out the Alvey and the Shimano Ultegra-St Croix Tiumph set ups. I used a 2 ounce egg weight and a 4 foot 12# leader. I could consistently get the Triumph out just past where the waves were breaking. I guess all that says is I'm comfortable casting spinning gear. I then put the same set up on the Alvey. It took a few casts to get used to having my right hand up higher on the rod and not managing line release with it, and the opposite with the left hand. Then it took more casts to stop having the line wrap up around the spool handles after the cast was done (this is more me and not the reel/rod). Eventually the line snapped and I don't even know which way the weight went. Bottomline - it's going to take practice to get used to the Alvey, but there is potential. I can see using this in sandy areas where you have time to recover after a bad cast, but if you are casting in rocky or coral areas, the regular spin setup are going to be better. Or you could be an Alvey casting wizard and cast anywhere you want. I'm no where near the latter...

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