Tuesday, June 6, 2017

More of our first day on Kauai

This was one of the first (of hundreds if not thousands) chickens we saw up close - This was at a quilt shop just North of Lihue. I boarded a submarine.... Then we headed back to Lihue to meet up with Amy at Costco, but on the way, we checked out the Petco - and the almost $900 bird they had for sale... Then it was time to make our way to PMRF. We spotted in Hanapepe. There was a cool Hawaiiana Shop (but it was closed) - The pottery shop was open - this was the bench outside the shop (I didn't take any pictures of the inside - we can make everything they had). And we bought a Lilikoi Chiffon Pie from Wong's (check out the chili pepper water labels - "Don't Steal My Shit" And finally - the spot we'd lay our heads down at for the next three days Already beachcombing!

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