Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sad Day - Aloha Kua Aina Kapolei

One of our favorite sandwich shops is closing today.

We enjoyed our last burgers and fries here - we loved going to this location because it was way closer than the Haleiwa one, and because it was rarely crowded (unlike the Haleiwa shop which is always crowded).

We'll miss this shop!!!  Here is a picture of the original shop up in Haleiwa - this place was closed after a fire several years back - but they reopened in a new building down the road.  I'm glad that that location isn't likely to close down anytime during this century (way too many tourists emptying their pockets there).  But I lament that the Honolulu and now the Kapolei shops didn't have the local community support to keep them viable.

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