Friday, April 27, 2018

Running Boards on and Adjusted

I've been taking the truck back and forth to the dealer and the tinting shop to get detail stuff taken care of, so I haven't actually got the surf mobile put together yet, but yesterday I did get the runnign boards adjusted to the full outward position.  I definitely like these bars a lot better than the options from Honda.

For sure the feel on the Ridgeline is different than the Tacoma.  The Taco was definitely taller at the nerf bar and the cabin step in, but I don't miss that - I think it will just take a bit of time to have the change become the new norm.

I plan on reinstalling the roof racks later today and taking this setup out for a spin with the longboards tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Just About Done Outfitting the Ridgeline

I ordered a set of running boards for the Ridgeline.  They came in yesterday afternoon save and sound.  I on the otherhand got caught up in some particularly nasty traffic and didn't get home until late afternoon.  I still set out to get the running boards mounted.

They were pretty easy to install.  These will make loading and unloading the surf racks a lot easier.  The door sills seemed a little bit drawn inward - to the point where loading the racks made you feel like you were leaning backwards.  I'll get the racks re-installed later today and take a picture with just about all the aftermarket adds installed.  I'm happy with the level of protection this vehicle has from scratches, salt spray and UV/IR radiation.

Sailing Day

La, Marlon and Noe had a sailing day this past Saturday.

I was able to stowaway on Noe's Catalina -

Fun day in the sunshine!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Why I Haven't Been Posting

We've been busy with a few things other than playing in the water.

Marlon had a busy weekend with the Hawaii Youth Symphony...

And we traded in the 4Runner for a Honda Ridgeline!  The 4Runner was a great vehicle, but we really just needed a truck - especially with all the work we are doing around the house (not to mention a truck bed and roof rack is way better for carrying SUPs and surfboards).

We liked the 4Runner a lot - BUT WE LOVE THE Ridgeline - dare I say even more than we loved the Surf Taco...  So much easier to load cargo into this vehicle - and now I don't have to get nit-noid and anal about picking dirt out of vehicle carpet (whew says everyone in my family)

Marlon and I got the top rack set up.

This week I'm getting the rustproofing-tinting-paint protectant-and other stuff done.  The running boards will be last and that should be next week.  After that the new surf mobile will be fully operational!!!  I love having a truck again (and this is a great one)!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

First Fishing in Awhile

The weekend is here - Marlon and I checked the tides and the surf report - then decided it was probably best to go fishing.  We were at the flats with spinning gear just a little bit after dawn.

I was using the TFO Mangrove rod that I recently rewrapped - everything is back to normal with this rod!

And after a long period of seeing fish (lai, kaku, and others) either just following the bait, or even stealing rigging (the kaku), I finally got one to take and fight!

Small is better than none!!!  This guy was released to fight again another day (when he gets bigger).  Fun day!