Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Saturday Afternoon Surf Session - Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Marlon and I went surfing on Saturday afternoon.  It was a dying swell, but we had an hour and a half of really fun energy.

This was just as we were leaving (the swell was pretty run down by this point and it didn't help that the tide was maxing out).  Some surf is better than no surf - take what you can get!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2018

New (to me) Hitch Rack for Long Loads

I got this rack from someone shedding a bunch of stuff (military PCS I'm guessing).  I'll take some better pictures of it this weekend, but it is a Thule Goal Post.

I mainly got it for the situation when we are towing a trailer full of boats and we need to bring one more.  I can use a double hitch receiver with this rack on the top receiver, and the regular 2" ball on the bottom.  I'm pretty sure I can get a 14' Laser between the Goal Post and the trailing Aerobar in a very stable configuration.  I think the span between the two bars will be 8' (I'll measure it when I have time and can take better lit pictures.

So I can find this later...

And for any of you who may want a good Chicken Jook/Arroz Caldo recipe for the Instant Pot

Whole roast chicken from safeway/foodland/Costco ect. Wherever
Ginger slices 

Chicken broth (2 boxes) 
2 cup Jasmine rice
Green onions to garnish if you like 
Washed the rice
I broke up the chicken threw everything in for 20 min 
If it's too soupy for you, turn the ip on sautee and cook it until it's your preferred consistency

Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekend Surfing

Our time demands were a lot less than normal this past weekend.  Enough so that I got to go out and surf twice this weekend.  Coincidentally, there was also a south swell that hit and made things interesting (but the tradewinds also picked up and it wasn't quite an epic swell).  With the larger than normal size, I decided to breakout the Firewire Greedy Beaver - a little overkill since it does fit in the bed, but here is the board tied up to the roof racks.

I was actually a little spooked about keeping it in the bed because of the forward tiedown hooks - they could put a ding in a board if there is a little movement in the bed.

Plenty of room up top.  The surf was pretty wind whipped on my Saturday evening session.  I did manage to grab a few waves where I got a good bottom turn followed by a long-ish glide.  Good fun (and probably better that fighting the wind on the TJ Everyday or a SUP).  I ended up putting the board in the bed on the way back home from surfing.  The board did not shift - I'll probably still put a piece of foam over the tiedown hooks, but it is pretty handing having a truck bed - might as well use it.

And on the Sunday morning dawn patrol - the wind was low at the onset.  And it stayed low just until I got out (about 8am).  Marlon used the 6'5" shortboard quad that I built (look to the beginning of this blog several years back) - he said it was real easy to duck dive through the breakers.  I got several good takeoffs - still short rides, but it feels good surfing a shortboard again!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Cool Poster 3

When is the best time to go fishing?  When will it not be good to plant?  Don't know?  Check out the Hawaiian Moon Calendar!!!

Cool Poster 2

This is a good reference for the wood available locally (but probably still hard to get a hold of - but that's what checking out re utilization shops is for).

Cool Poster 1

I was at the Hawaii State Library and I saw a few posters in the Hawaiiana section.  I'll poster them separately with different labels (so I can find them easier in the future).

I've seen this L50 poster around for years, but I also think it's been out of print for about the same length of time.  This shows the size of a fish when it is able to reproduce.

Mother's Day Surfing

La actually asked to go surfing on Mother's Day -

Have I said I love this truck???  Four boards, two paddles, chairs, snacks, extra clothes and more on board!

I got to surf the longboard and the Starboard Element (and I should have surfed the ULI Lopez and the Wavestorm to make it an ALL BOARD day - but I just farted around instead).

A couple of "jellyfish" body surfing.  These pictures are from La's phone - I'll post more from the GoPros shortly

UPDATE:  Here are the GoPro pictures

This was Marlon's first time SUPing in the waves - he said it was real easy to catch anything that came by.  I can see La and Marlon taking SUP surfing breaks a lot more now.

More Pictures from the Kids Previous Race

Catching up on the posts again - here are more from last weekend

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Both Kids Sailing Again

And out in Waikiki again (Hawaii Yacht Club is sponsoring the race today).

Good luck kiddoroosters!!!

Gotta Go

I'll just leave this one right here...

Saturday, May 5, 2018

First Tow with the Ridgeline

Towed today with the Ridgeline - nice!!!

HYSA Regatta 3

The kids sailed in another regatta today out at Waikiki Yacht Club.

La and the Kids Hit the Beach

Without me :(

Actually - I think it's a good thing they are getting out there!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Last Post on the Ridgeline (by itself)

I'm done outfitting this vehicle for now.  Thule Racks on top, 3M self-healing laminate on the typical wear spots, Romik Running Boards, ceramic tint, rubber mats on the inside and all manner of straps and cargo ratchets to tie loads down.

Now it's time to see how many boards I can load up at once, haul rocks and elephant poop (fertilizer) back to the house, and go fishing!  Our first tow is tomorrow after the kids sail in a regatta - looking forward to having a proper truck again!