Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Already Getting More Ideas to Improve

Doodles from my desk at work.  I've been thinking what a pain in the butt aligning the base plate-mast-fuselage connection points are going to be - so I believe I will drill holes from the base plate to the mast, and from the fuselage to the mast - then use dowels to help with the alignment.  I can fill in the drill holes with milled fiber-epoxy slurry and sand flush.

Cleaning Up the Fuselage and Mast Bottom Laminates

Back to the work week - sanding, glassing and tweaking the foil is now done after work, after other errands, and before cooking dinner.  Small time window but you know what they say about eating elephants....  Monday evening's tasks - sand down the excess fiberglass from the mast and the fuselage.

And I had Marlon mix up a small batch of epoxy to lay the bead on the two wings.  I should be able to sand the wings down this evening - after watering the plants, loading the electric pressure cooker, cleaning the bathroom....

Monday, July 30, 2018

Top Laminates on Wings, Bottom Laminates on Mast and Fuselage

Last of the work from this weekend.  Got the kids involved to mix the epoxy and get the glass on the parts.

My garage is a total autoclave - the slow hardener actually cures super quick in the heat.  I'm going to have to get creative in assembling the base plate-mast-fuselage...

And here is the post glassing trim for the four pieces addressed (did not glass the base plate yet).

At this rate, I think this foil will be finished by the end of next weekend, or so.  I need to get the boxes prepared for the bottom of the surrogate board (old light wind kite board I made in Gulfport, MS).

Making Base Plates

Put the bench sander to work again - nothing takes off a 1/4" faster (except a full on planer). 

Also drilled in the holes for the mounting bolts.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cleaning Up the Bottom Laminate on the WIngs

Sunday morning - trimming off the excess with a razor blade.

And sanding down the glass to the finish edge.  I still really like this apron that La made for me - keeps the fiberglass fibers off my skin when sanding.

Next step preparing the base plates (I actually did that on Saturday evening).

The Glassing Begins

I'm dragging Marlon through this process as we build up the first hydrofoil (it will be his - I think I'm going to need bigger wings).

This was Saturday afternoon in my autoclave (also known as my garage).

Starting with small parts and lighter glass is a great way to get used to working with resin.

Here they are laying out for the cure time.

Next post is cleanup.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Afternoon Surf Session

Traffic was kind to me this afternoon - I got home early enough to pick up Marlon and get over to the beach.

The surf was not big, but still really fun.  What a great way to wash off the week and welcome the weekend!

Our beach has a new resident...

Gonna Assemble One This Weekend

Or at least get a few parts glassed

Sunday, July 22, 2018

More Sanding - Almost Ready to Glass and Assemble

I had some time this afternoon to get more foil part sanding done.  I got the masts done and fine tuned the front wings and the fuselages.

Now all I have to do is sand the mounting plates and I can start mixing epoxy (I think I no longer like that part - and I can feel myself procrastinating already...)

SUP Surfing the Latest South Swell

Marlon and I did a dawn patrol yesterday.  It was pretty windy and choppy - I brought out the ULI Lopez (but while I was out there I was thinking I should have brought out the Greedy Beaver).

I caught some good ones, but I also tripped up way more than I normally do.  It's harder to make the drop when you are getting blown back up the face, and the chop is bucking you off the board.

Still a good time - Marlon was way over on the Oneula side of the breaks so I didn't get to checkout his rides.

I ended up pulling a muscle near my left shoulder blade.  I'm sidelined for a few days...