Friday, November 23, 2018

The Dawn of a New Era

Behold!!!  The start of something total new and radical beyond all that was radical before -

In case you can't tell, that is a 2019 Starboard Hypernut 7'4" 4in1 board and a GoFoil Tri foil set (Nalu-Kai-Iwa front foils, Kai-Iwa rear wings and 29.5" mast) - I decided I need to reset my foiling attempts.  The best I can tell from the research I've done - this is the foil to ride right now.  The technology has started to settle and performance-price-durability wise this series is coming out on top.  As I get used to riding this foil, I can then compare it to the one I made and see what improvements can be done.  

Regarding the board - this is the smallest SUP I've owned - and after a few quick sessions SUP surfing it, I will stick the foil on and SUP foil it and then add a windsurf rig to it and begin learning to Windsurf Wave Foil - this could actually be the end of kiting for me if this new equipment pans out the way I'm expecting it to... stay tuned. 

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