Saturday, November 3, 2018

Third Outing with the Hydrofoil

Marlon and I got a late start this morning - we didn't get to the beach until 8:20 or so.  The wind was up (trades are back) and the tide was rising.  The waves were fun but small, especially compared to the past several weeks.  No matter - I brought out the foil and got several waves - not long sweeping rides, but standup and go for a bit until I get thrown off rides.  Marlon took some time got up a few times also.  We both agreed that we need to get our weight further out forward.  My last ride I had my front foot on the 'iwa' painted on the board and I had a long ride, but wasn't sure if the board popped up - probably a sign that that point was the 'too much - too far' spot.

We end up spending about two hours out on the water today.

Unless we get a big west swell that wraps around, today's surf is likely typical of what we'll be surfing for the next several months - and that's perfectly fine with me!

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