Saturday, December 29, 2018

5th Time Windsurf Wave Foiling the Hypernut

I went foiling this afternoon.  This morning the weather looking like it might not clear up - with lingering clouds and even some residual rain, I wasn't sure the wind would pick up but it did.  It turned out to be really nice!

It doesn't look like it, but the wind was blowing a steady 15 mph with gusts into the low 20s.  I setup the foil in the rearmost position today to see what the differences would be.  The obvious difference was that foil would lift later, but the surprise was I would end up in porpoising situations more often than previous sessions - porpoised probably 5 times, twice I got thrown forward of the board.  The wind did almost die twice, but even those times are fun (slogging training).  

Tonight I'm researching "how not to porpoise your foil".  Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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