Thursday, December 27, 2018

Evening Longboard Session - 12/27/2018

I came home from work and grocery shopping - grabbed Marlon and the longboards and headed out for an evening surf.  I have had this fin sitting in the box of the TJ Everyday for a while now - but haven't gotten it wet because I've been spending most of my water time trying to learn foiling.  Well that changed today.

The waves were small - knee to waist high, but super clean.  I caught several and with the 9" L-Flex Narrow base fin the turns were on rail, dig-load-snap!!!  This is by far the best fin I have ever used in this board!

Marlon had a huge smile on his face - I'm glad we went out today (and that there was some swell to work with)!

There were a couple of guys on foils this evening.  It probably would have been a good day to try and SUP foil the Hypernut, but I am glad I opted to bring out the Everyday.  So much to do, so little time...

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