Friday, November 30, 2018

Getting Really Close

I've been working on the boards over this past week.  I got the fill coats on the top and bottom on Monday and Tuesday.  I sanded the fill with 40 grit yesterday evening.  And this afternoon I cleaned up the track openings and drilled the holes for the vents and leash plugs.


I'll get the plugs epoxied in tomorrow, and sand the boards with 80, 120 and 220 - just a quick hit with each to clean up the scratches.  I am contemplating spraying a top coat of urethane over the boards just to fill in any small voids and even out the top.  So the boards may be ready to get wet this weekend, but our schedule is full so I probably won't get them in the water yet.  I will also look around at a rear foot pad for these (maybe, still thinking about it.  Wax is just fine, but the right pad would make the boards cooler).

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