Sunday, August 18, 2019

Skipped Saturday - Super Sunday - 18 August

Marlon and I hit the surf in the early evening.  Tide was just at 1.8' - back side of the full moon.  The wind backed of and the swell - well it was perfect for foiling!  Waist high waves that were less steep - breaking without pitching.

I had the Go Foil Iwa set to slightly back of the Slingshot infinity spot and it was perfect - I did not have to work to get the foil to lift and I only breached twice (out of 10 waves or so - that the breach happened after riding a fair bit, just bad foot placement).  I got several really long waves - with a few of them having multiple turns to stay in the power center of the waves.

Marlon was having a good time launching from his longboard (???).  From looking around, I was getting really long rides from waves that the longboarders couldn't stay on.  Hydrofoil surfing is here to stay!

It really doesn't get much better than days like today :)

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Friday Evening Surf - 16 August

The tide was high Friday evening - 2.1' and there was a waist high swell running with a slight side-on breeze.  Perfect conditions for the 5'6" prone foil board and the Go Foil Iwa on the 24.5" mast (with 3" track adaptor).  Marlon brought his longboard and Marlon's cousin Damion asked to come along so we brought the Wavestorm.

This was one of the few times that nearly every ride was long, stable and high.  I did have a couple of takeoffs where my foot position was off - but other than that this was a great foiling day.  I also started pumping differently.  Previously I was just using my feet like getting through a flat section - but that would only work sometimes.  This session I started swinging my arms and the lift was more progressive.  I even dropped out the back of a couple of waves and was able to point back out (I think the board length became a factor in coming off foil).  I have to keep practicing this.

Marlon was practicing his helicopter takeoffs and getting some good rides.

Monday, August 12, 2019

La Goes Surfing on Her Own

Yup La went surfing without me - but with a friend from sailing.

She used the SUP.  Pinch me - I'm still contemplating what just happened...

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Two Fer Saturday - 10 August (And Sunday Evening also)

Dawn Patrol on Saturday - just to mix things up a little bit.  Tide was low at 0.3', very little wind and a decent swell pushing chest high energy.  To keep mixing things up (cross training) I took out the longboard.  Too much fun!!!  I started out on the outside, caught a few bombs and then spent the rest of the session riding all the inside waves (as most people were on the outside trying to compete for the bigger ones).

Then the twofer - La's nephew who recently moved into town has been asking to go surfing - so I got permission to skip out on one party and take him surfing.  The tide was a little on the higher side at 1.4' (by 6pm).  Marlon finally agreed to put a GoPro on the board he was surfing - we scraped the port side of the nose clean and got the camera mounted - now he is hooked!!!  Here are three of his favorites:

I went out on the foil - Slingshot Infinity 76 on the 24" mast.  I got a few good rides, but the whole first half I had trouble getting the foil to lift clear - the foil was almost pegged to the front... I did get some longer rides toward the end of the session to make up for it.

We also got an evening session in on Sunday.  There was a new, similar sized swell in - the waves were a hair bigger than yesterday, but I kept the same setup on the foil-board.  I got another few good ones under my belt - but had the same issue with getting the foil to lift.  I'm starting to wonder if the bashed up starboard front wingtip has something to do with this...

Marlon was better setup for this evening - he caught a bunch, but noted it was really crowded where he was.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Foiling Thursday - 8 August

With a 0.7' tide during the evening window, it was still a bit shallow, but I set up the Slingshot FSurf (Infinity 76) on the 24" mast.

I did touch bottom twice, but only picked up one scratch.  This wing is for sure my beater.  I still need to fix the port wingtip with some thickened epoxy - maybe this weekend.

I had the foil set to the mark - but I paddled in after a few waves to adjust the foil.  I pulled it up almost to the front most position.  I didn't get bucked off and the lift was easier to pick up.

Marlon got some fin first takeoffs - super fun day!

Longboard Cross Training - 7 August

The tide on Wednesday evening was at 0.5' - so I opted to take the longboard out and spare the foil from grounding.  Marlon was having a good time - here he is ejecting.

As much as I have become addicted to prone foiling, every time I jump on the longboard I remember how much fun it is and can't stop smiling.  So much fun!

Catch Up Posts - Tuesday Template Making

I need to get these templates transferred and trimmed.  Primarily to clean up the garage again, but equally to get the new blank cut up.

Trying to maximize the usage of the 4x8 sheet - in some cases I'm making full length half templates as well as spin templates from the same paper template.

Going to get a wide 4'6" and a stubby 4'10" out of this blank.  Both will have tapered rear rails and tails.  This is a difference from the first two boards - and is in direct response to getting bogged down after the aft portions of the boards contacted the water.  Not sure how dramatic I'll make the back end chamfers, but we'll see together over the next several weeks.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday Evening Session - August 4

Swell from Erick was still present so Marlon and I hit it again in the late afternoon.  The wind was mostly down and the tide was at +1.9'  I had the foil set the same as yesterday.

I caught several and a few of them were pretty long.  The waves still had some size - actually caught a couple that propelled me at a clip (crash and burn).

Marlon was catching waves all over the place (made me think I should have brought a conventional surfboard - nah!!!).

Knocking Out the To Do List

It has been really hot outside - so I haven't been working out in the garage lately.  But I did grab this from the garage and worked on it in the kitchen -

Sanding barrel is installed.  If you happen to be installing one of these, the pulley on the barrel side comes off with a wrench.  Now I just have to find a proper vacuum hose attachment and this thing will be put to work.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Saturday Evening Session - 3 August

The remnants of Hurricane Erick have been passing to the south of the islands.  Swell from the SE has been hitting the South Shore, and the winds have dropped a notch (although it is kinda onshore).  The report said the swell height was around chest - I thought about rigging the 5'2" and the Slingshot Gamma - but I still need to grind down the edge of the repair I just did on the 5'2", and it has been stinking hot in my garage lately so I just grabbed what I used last - the 5'6" and the Go Foil Iwa (24.5" mast + 3" track adaptor).

This setup was super fun today.  I took it back a notch from the Wednesday so the lift was on demand (instead of demanding).  I had several rides where I rode from the second break all the way to the shore break.  I had two waves where I rode out the back of the wave and tried pumping  (didn't get far, but at least I got headed in the right direction for recycling).  Doesn't look like it from the picture - but the swell was chest high.  The tide was another King at +2.2'

The swell was up, but the surprise was the period wasn't scrunched up like normal close storm waves.  There was time to paddle out between sets and you could pick the wave you wanted.  Marlon   was hanging in the first break area in front of the MWR Board Shack.  He caught several (as always).

The cons of today - I landed on the rear wing at the end of one wave.  I've been lucky so far, but lately I've been getting bruised.  I also touched down a bit - I'm thinking about trimming the excess volume from the rear rails and tail on my next boards.

Awesome session!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Biggest High Tide of the Year - 31 July

Marlon and I hit the beach this afternoon.  It was the highest high tide of the year (so far) at +2.6'.  When stats like that are posted, it becomes irresistible and I am beckoned.  Lots of strong wind - made Marlon's ears cold (lol).

The swell was being drowned out by the super high tide - but there were still a bunch of people out.  I brought out the Go Foil Iwa, used the Kai tail and used the 24.5" mast (+3" with the track adaptor).  I had the mast lined up to where I would mount the Infinity 76 (forward of center).  I brought the 5'6" out also figuring I could use the paddling power.

This foil looks really cool.

I caught several long rides and took them as far as I could towards the beach - surfing a king tide gave me lots of cushion from hitting bottom.  The Iwa has tons of lift (and float) - once I got going this foil seemed to be on autopilot, but the "bobbing" sensation was always there.  It seems as if I've been wiping out and hitting the foil at least once a session.  Most times it is a glancing blow or a slide along my back or leg.  I caught the front wing dead on this session - this will be a really cool bruise!!!

Great session!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Weekend End Surf - 28 July

Marlon and I hit the beach this evening.  Surf was slightly smaller than yesterday - but just as fun.  I brought the longboard again as the tide was lower than I am comfortable foiling in.  It's been good getting reacquainted with the longboard.

Good, clean fun!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Another Saturday Evening Surf - Longboarding - 27 July

Marlon and I went out this evening.  This is the first time in a while that the tide was really low (0.7') during the evening session.  Instead of getting pissed when my foil hits bottom, I decided to bring the longboard out.

With all the foiling I've been doing lately, I honestly forgot how much fun longboarding is!  The waves were typical White Plains choppy slop - but it was not crowded and I caught some really fun walls.  Marlon's cousin Damion also came out for some surf lessons.  Great way to wash off the sweat from running errands today.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Humpday Evening Session - 24 July

I came home from work on Wednesday and I was wiped.  Took a nap and slept for longer than I wanted to.  Despite the long nap, I also wanted to see if the swell picked up (as had been forecasted) so Marlon and I headed to the beach.

I brought the Go Foil Iwa on the 24.5" mast (which is really 27.5" with the 3" track conversion box) and slapped on the Kai tail.  The swell was just a bit bigger than two sessions ago (last Friday), which translates to less than waist high.  I set the foil to just behind the Infinity 76 baseline position.

I did try to move it up mid-session - thought I could use more lift and the pictures above show where the foil ended up.  I caught one notable wave and several where something just felt off.  I even had one wipeout where I fell on the front wing (I didn't get poked or stuck - I felt the down curve roll under me).  The tide was at 1.5' - I touched bottom once while paddling back out to a wave.

Marlon was catching everything on his tanker.  Sometimes I get tempted to go back to longboarding, but this is the year to learn the foil - I must stay focused...

Monday, July 22, 2019

GoPro Handle

The second project was taking an old standup paddle offcut and epoxying in a FCS plug to make a GoPro mount.  Since I had extra epoxy mixed up, it was the perfect companion project to the foil tightening.

I'll post more when this is all set up.  This is a much slimmer version of the yellow floaty that we currently use.  More to follow.

Tightening Up a Foil Wing

Before heading out to foil, I mixed up some epoxy to knock a couple of tasks off my to do list.  First up was tightening up the Maliko 280 wing.  I did this just like Alex Aguerra outlined in the Go Foil tutorial videos.

Fits like new again!!!

Sunday Evening Foiling - June 21, 2019

The forecast called for miniscule surf, but I headed out anyways.  Marlon came along, but just to swim (and take pictures of me to get paid).  I caught a few waves and got some decent rides, but it was small.  I breached on the first wave, but was able to correct on the follow on ones.  Before I headed out, I pushed the foil forward in the box - way forward.

Coupled with the 5'6", I could catch and ride less than thigh high (didn't I say that in the last post).

Getting wet is better than staying dry!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Friday Evening Foiling - July 19, 2019

Washing away the week (it was a busy one - but that seems to be the m=norm now).  The swell from earlier in the week had pushed through so thigh high waves were on tap.  The full moon was still gibbous, but it was waning - the tide was high at +2.0'.  I figured I'd be better off using the 5'6" foilboard and the Slingshot FSurf (Infinity 76).

I set the foil where I had last set it on this board (it's been a while since I last used it - in fact I thought I would never use it again but though the past several sessions and yesterday's rides, this board is great for catching smaller waves - the tanker of prone foiling).  I think pushing it just a hair more forward would have been perfect.  Of note, I also installed the Wizardhat Hardware.  It made setup a little bit easier that the conventional M8 25mm bolts and brass T nuts.

I caught a bunch of waves - some were really long rides with more gliding than pumping.  Made me feel like I know what I'm doing (even though I do know what I'm doing, some sessions of late have made me feel like I'm a beginner again).

Marlon came out and took pictures with the GoPro.  Let the weekend begin!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wednesday Evening Session - July 17, 2019

Full moon = super high tide.  I rigged up the Go Foil Iwa and put on the Kai tail - first time I used this setup.  Marlon brought out the tanker.

Here's where I had the foil set (just forward of pegged back).

When it was good it was real good.  I got four longer fun rides.  Effortless gliding (the foil didn't even want to get pumped).  But when it was off it was off.  I did have a bunch of waves were nothing came together.  No blow ups, but just no lift, or the foil would set off and I would lean and we would get separated.  Still really fun especially on the really long 29.5" + 3" mast!  There seemed to be a crosscurrent subsurface - or something else that was dragging against the foil.

Marlon was cruising on the tanker.  He caught a few really good ones.  The waves still had some energy in them, but the swell has definitely backed down from Sunday.

And Marlon did catch one of me up on the foil as I was headed in.

Nice way to end the day!

Jason and Mikaila's Elopement

My old friend Jason and his new wife Mikaila eloped (with friends and family present) this past Monday at Papailoa Beach up on the North Shore.  La and I made the trip up to be there!!!

There were a bunch of honu in the super shallows.  In all my time on this island, I actually think this was the first time I went down this road and stepped on this beach.  I figured as much because I hadn't seen this gate before (and I certainly would have remembered it).

Awesome small Hawaiian wedding on the beach!!!!  And we followed it up with dinner (reception) at Haleiwa Joe's.  Here's La's whole fried fish

It didn't stand a chance!!!  Congratulations Jason and Mikaila!!!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!