Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday Evening Surf/Foil - April 20

Busy day today - but Marlon and I hit the beach in the late afternoon to catch some of the bump up that is coming in to the south shore.

I had 5 rides up high and didn't breach.  I tried turning a few times - more deliberate turns and not a drift over - and I fell - and one was hard.  I actually haven't fallen this hard in a watersport for some time - humbling but makes you feel alive!  I had the 5'2" and the Slingshot Infinity 76 out.  The waves were actually almost too big to foil - almost.

Marlon brought out the Wavestorm and caught a bunch.  I actually like surfing the evenings - less crowd and you get to hang around for the glass-off.

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