Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday Evening Surfing/Foiling - 25 April

Marlon and I went surfing this evening - swell was waist to shoulder high and pretty consistent.  The tide was supposed to be +0.7' so I opted for an 18" mast on the Slingshot to avoid any issues.  I had set up the foil to just forward of center on the 5'6" - I was able to foil on every wave I paddled for, but on about half, I would lighten up on my front foot pressure while trimming and I'd breach.  I caught 10 in the hour and a half we were out and as usual I was up on longer rides on half.

I'll pull the foil back a notch and I should be good with the front foot pressure I'm applying, and hopefully get to the point where most waves will be long rides.

Marlon had the Wavestorm out again and he was having fun.

I'll try to go back out again tomorrow - the current swell is supposed to be similar to today.  The days are starting to get longer now so after work sessions will get longer!!!

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