Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Latest Foiling - Sunday 5/5/19 and Wednesday 5/8/19

I think these last two sessions marked another milestone for me.  This past Sunday, I was going to setup the Gamma front wing.  I thought I read somewhere that the surf was going to be bigger and I wanted to test out a smaller wing.

Well I checked out the report one last time before going out and decided to use the old reliable (and boy was I glad that I did).  I ended up catching five waves on a short evening session (full tide at +1.9).  Infinity 76 front wing on the 61cm mast - everything was perfect!  Long rides traveling down the line on a wave that I would have been struggling on if I had the TJ Everyday under foot. 5 of 5 - batted 100%!

Then there was this afternoon.  Same setup, with the foil moved forward just a hair of center.  Today was the first time I really did not pay attention to my foot position - and weighting back and front was more intuitive.  I caught seven and only had one bad ride (and three outside all the way to the beach rides).  On the bad rides I knew something was off just by the feedback the board and foil were giving and instead of crashing, I just rounded up hard and slipped into the wave (instead of getting thrown around like during the past several months).  Fat kitty was hanging around, and so was the peacock (who is the real White Plains mascot???)

Marlon had the Wavestorm out again and was trying helicopter takeoffs (same as last Sunday also).  We could only spend an hour at the beach today but it was so worth it!  Today was a great foiling day!!!

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