Friday, May 31, 2019

Thursday and Friday Foiling

Despite the lower tide, I decided to keep up with foiling on the Iwa.  On Thursday, I set the foil as far back on the tracks as possible (on the 5'2").

The lift was more controllable and I managed to get some pretty long rides.  I did hit the bottom twice while paddling (first on the way out, second while I was getting out at the end of the session).  Damage was minimal and I just need to get over this.  The swell was not small so some of the takeoffs resulted in crashes and burnages.

This evening Marlon and I went out and the swell was just a tad smaller (but still not small).  Same setup as yesterday and I got nearly the same results - just better.  More control (lighten up on the front foot to lift and down pressure to steady out).  On a couple of takeoffs, I was going way too fast - foil was humming and I popped out the back.

I did get some longer rides, pumped through some flat spots and was able to correct some back setups - so today was definitely better than yesterday!  Progress however small is always a good thing.  Marlon was back on La's longboard.  I saw him on a few rides - I think he is missing the thruster setup ;)

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