Monday, June 17, 2019

Foiling Over the Weekend - 15 and 16 June

The higher tide finally migrated to the late afternoon.  On Saturday evening the bump in the swell started to show, but the waves were packed in tightly.  I set up the Slingshot foil with the 24" mast.  Fun session with some longer rides.  With the longer mast, I moved the foil back another 1/2" in the track compared to the previous session with the 18" mast - tons of lift and still controllable.

Didn't hit the bottom - tide was at 1.5" while I was out.  With this foil, I'm noticing that you need to set the foil up to deliver more lift, and use your body weight to counter the extra umpf.

I can look at these shapes all day long and not get tired.

On Sunday (Father's Day) Marlon and I went out and the swell had dropped just a hair - or the tide was swollen (maybe both).  It was nearly +2.0' while we were out.  Anticipating the fuller tide, I rigged up the 29.5" (+3" plate adapter) Go Foil mast with the Iwa wing.  Super fun out in the waves and I got more the a few long rides.  Even carved through the flat inside section and picked up the reform (everything is relative).  

The Go Foil has a simpler shape - but it's chord is thick.  Translates to tons of lift - super fun to ride and really exhilarating with the mast height. I had a couple of rides where I felt the foil about the breech, but dumped more front foot weight on and recovered.  This is starting to become second nature - and mixing up which foils I'm using helps to make my riding more versatile.

This is getting to be so much fun that I don't even think about conventional surfing at all... Scary how this is taking over - but totally willing to make the full commitment!

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