Saturday, June 29, 2019

Marlon's Longboard Finally Finished

Besides mowing the lawn, I spent the majority of today finishing Marlon's longboard.  Lots of painting, marking, applying acrylic and fine tuning the boxes (still need to work on the middle one - too tight).

I like how the stencil logo came out.

We got the board out to the beach in the really late afternoon - Marlon got plenty of rides and from what I saw, he was not stalling as much as he would when using La's board.

We didn't take out the GoPro, but I did stop to watch him on his first wave - looks like a fun board!

Also - I took out the Slingshot Infinity 76.  I made the mistake of leaving the foil pushed all the way to the rear of the tracks.  I was anticipating a bigger swell, but I should have paid attention to my previous notes on using this foil - an inch or so up from the back of the tracks and the foil will pop up easy.  All the way back like today and I'm having to get my weigh back to pop the foil up, but it requires a lot more effort to keep the foil balanced.  I need to remember this...

And lastly, I took some hits from the foil - tail hit me in the gut on a wipeout, and the main wing hit my ankle.  Even with the setbacks, I did get some decent rides.

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