Saturday, June 22, 2019

Solstice Foiling

Washed the work week off with a foiling session in the evening.  I used the 5'2" with the Go Foil Iwa on the 29.5" mast (with the 3" plate adaptor, so 32.5").  I had the foil set less than an inch from the back of the tracks (back of the plate is the reference line).

I was not hurting for lift, so this setting for this foil works well for belly high waves.  Any lower and I think I would have pushed it all the way back.  With it being the solstice, there was plenty of light and I was out for an hour and a half.

The swell was about belly high and the tide was super full.  Before foiling I would have cringed at these conditions but they were perfect for foiling.  I caught several waves and had multiple long rides.  The height of this setup is really fun - I don't ever worry about touchdowns.  The falls are a totally humbling experience - but worth it.  There were 6 other foilers out for the evening session - 3 prone (plus me), and 2 SUP foilers.

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