Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Evening Foiling - June 23, 2019

Marlon and I hit the beach in the evening.  Jimmy met us out there and was filming with his drone.  I grabbed this screen shot from the video file he sent. 

I thought the swell would be smaller so I setup the Maliko 200.  Way too much lift for the swell that was there (belly high again).  I had some epic wipeouts - one even knocking the wind out of me.  But I did get three really long rides.

Even with the foil jammed all the way back, this wing makes a ton of lift and makes it challenging to control.  This wing is off the surfing list and will only be used for windfoiling now.  

Marlon was catching waves 3 to 1 compared to me.  Here is a picture from the video Jimmy took.

Fun session (and always great to have a photographer out)!!!

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