Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wednesday Evening Foiling - June 12

I went out for some foiling this evening.  The tide was going low - the time band I was out it was hovering around +0.5' - so I put the 18" mast on the Infinity 76.

I also felt that with the waves around waist high and the shorter mast (less ability to pump), I could use some extra lift so I moved the foil up in the tracks.

This was a pretty good setting for the conditions.  I only had one breach and several good rides.  The force seemed more balanced between both feet (kinda why I breached on that one wave - got too relaxed).  I felt good paddling for waves I would normally have used my longboard or SUP to catch before this setup.  I even caught a few green waves (unbroken) - as little as a month ago, I was a little leery about paddling for greenies - I felt like I couldn't control the extra lift that came with moving faster on a steeper takeoff.  Now it's just more fun to catch greenies that are ready to be ridden.  

Super fun session!

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