Sunday, July 7, 2019

Saturday Session - July 6

Marlon and I hit it again in the evening.  The crowd was still pretty thick when we drove up at 5:30pm.

The waves were bigger, but the period was pretty short - no time between waves to rest.  Constant paddling and fighting white water.  I had bolted on the Go Foil Iwa on the 29.5" mast.  I had a hard time keeping the foil down with all the chop - Go Foils float, Slingshots sink.  I did get some rides, but I had the foil mounted probably too far forward.

Too much lift from this position.  Looking back at previous posts, I should have dropped it all the way back.  The tide was high and was just below 2.0', but even with that depth I 'bumped' bottom.  Anyday in the ocean is a good one, but dialing in a foil can slow things down.

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