Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Solo Session with the Gamma - July 7

Marlon wanted to take a break today, so I flew a solo mission.  With yesterday's change up, I thought I should continue the mixing.  I rigged up the Gamma (as I am fixing the chips in the Infinity 76).

The charts on the website say this foil has about the same lift as the Infinity 76 so I figured I should try this setting first.

This setting proved to be a dud - I got the foil to lift, but it wasn't responsive and I was down more than I was up.  Trying to benefit from yesterday's lesson, I brought one of these out with me today - a stubby #3 screwdriver.

I paddled in and made an adjustment to the foil position, dropped the screwdriver back in my pocket and paddled back out.  The foil was performing better, but I still felt like I could get more response out of it.  After a few more waves, I paddled back in and ended up at this position.   I wish I had brought a screwdriver from the beginning of my foiling attempts.  Making changes on the beach really made me quickly appreciate this foil, where I would otherwise have spent a whole session sucking it up.

The foil was super responsive and pumping was very easy - makes me wish I had rigged this up a lot earlier.  I was able to catch waves at the middle break and ride it all the way to the beach.  At this point I'd say as long as the waves have some power behind them, the Gamma is the foil to rig.  If the swell is lower than belly high, then it'll be the Infinity 76.  The only weird thing about the Gamma was the way it responded to my turns - it wanted to "stick" so I had to shift my weight more so than on the Infinity.  Just something I'll probably have to get used to.  These last few rides today were the closest thing to riding a shortboard on a pumping day that I've had on a foilboard - pumping to gain speed, leaning to turn and extracting energy from the reform section - I have nothing to complain about the Gamma and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities.  From this ride, I'm a Gamma fan!!!!

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