Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Biggest High Tide of the Year - 31 July

Marlon and I hit the beach this afternoon.  It was the highest high tide of the year (so far) at +2.6'.  When stats like that are posted, it becomes irresistible and I am beckoned.  Lots of strong wind - made Marlon's ears cold (lol).

The swell was being drowned out by the super high tide - but there were still a bunch of people out.  I brought out the Go Foil Iwa, used the Kai tail and used the 24.5" mast (+3" with the track adaptor).  I had the mast lined up to where I would mount the Infinity 76 (forward of center).  I brought the 5'6" out also figuring I could use the paddling power.

This foil looks really cool.

I caught several long rides and took them as far as I could towards the beach - surfing a king tide gave me lots of cushion from hitting bottom.  The Iwa has tons of lift (and float) - once I got going this foil seemed to be on autopilot, but the "bobbing" sensation was always there.  It seems as if I've been wiping out and hitting the foil at least once a session.  Most times it is a glancing blow or a slide along my back or leg.  I caught the front wing dead on this session - this will be a really cool bruise!!!

Great session!!!

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