Saturday, August 17, 2019

Friday Evening Surf - 16 August

The tide was high Friday evening - 2.1' and there was a waist high swell running with a slight side-on breeze.  Perfect conditions for the 5'6" prone foil board and the Go Foil Iwa on the 24.5" mast (with 3" track adaptor).  Marlon brought his longboard and Marlon's cousin Damion asked to come along so we brought the Wavestorm.

This was one of the few times that nearly every ride was long, stable and high.  I did have a couple of takeoffs where my foot position was off - but other than that this was a great foiling day.  I also started pumping differently.  Previously I was just using my feet like getting through a flat section - but that would only work sometimes.  This session I started swinging my arms and the lift was more progressive.  I even dropped out the back of a couple of waves and was able to point back out (I think the board length became a factor in coming off foil).  I have to keep practicing this.

Marlon was practicing his helicopter takeoffs and getting some good rides.

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