Sunday, August 18, 2019

Skipped Saturday - Super Sunday - 18 August

Marlon and I hit the surf in the early evening.  Tide was just at 1.8' - back side of the full moon.  The wind backed of and the swell - well it was perfect for foiling!  Waist high waves that were less steep - breaking without pitching.

I had the Go Foil Iwa set to slightly back of the Slingshot infinity spot and it was perfect - I did not have to work to get the foil to lift and I only breached twice (out of 10 waves or so - that the breach happened after riding a fair bit, just bad foot placement).  I got several really long waves - with a few of them having multiple turns to stay in the power center of the waves.

Marlon was having a good time launching from his longboard (???).  From looking around, I was getting really long rides from waves that the longboarders couldn't stay on.  Hydrofoil surfing is here to stay!

It really doesn't get much better than days like today :)

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