Sunday, August 11, 2019

Two Fer Saturday - 10 August (And Sunday Evening also)

Dawn Patrol on Saturday - just to mix things up a little bit.  Tide was low at 0.3', very little wind and a decent swell pushing chest high energy.  To keep mixing things up (cross training) I took out the longboard.  Too much fun!!!  I started out on the outside, caught a few bombs and then spent the rest of the session riding all the inside waves (as most people were on the outside trying to compete for the bigger ones).

Then the twofer - La's nephew who recently moved into town has been asking to go surfing - so I got permission to skip out on one party and take him surfing.  The tide was a little on the higher side at 1.4' (by 6pm).  Marlon finally agreed to put a GoPro on the board he was surfing - we scraped the port side of the nose clean and got the camera mounted - now he is hooked!!!  Here are three of his favorites:

I went out on the foil - Slingshot Infinity 76 on the 24" mast.  I got a few good rides, but the whole first half I had trouble getting the foil to lift clear - the foil was almost pegged to the front... I did get some longer rides toward the end of the session to make up for it.

We also got an evening session in on Sunday.  There was a new, similar sized swell in - the waves were a hair bigger than yesterday, but I kept the same setup on the foil-board.  I got another few good ones under my belt - but had the same issue with getting the foil to lift.  I'm starting to wonder if the bashed up starboard front wingtip has something to do with this...

Marlon was better setup for this evening - he caught a bunch, but noted it was really crowded where he was.

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